Teo Noche Meets Song Bu of Daedalus Corp

“I understand your skepticism professor but I know what I saw. When I was a child our mother used to tell my sister and me that if we did not behave, Fei Lian would take us away with a strong wind and eat us. We used to laugh at her when she was not looking. Oh how I wish we hadn’t.” As Bu told his story, the images behind him changed to a little boy and girl sitting on their mother’s lap with their father behind them.

“One day all the men in my village were called to the docks,” continued Song. “The radio reported a large storm approaching and the men spent the day lashing boats to the docks and bring other ships on shore. Women and children boarded up the homes and gathered what supplies they could. I remember my father coming home minutes before the storm came. He pulled us to a corner of the house and we huddled there waiting for it to pass.”

Teo watched images of the wind and rain batter the village. Large waves slammed onto the docks. One by one the wind pulled the boats free and sent them crashing into nearby buildings and trees. “Our house was directly in the path of the destruction.” The roof flew off Bu’s house. “My father pushed my sister and me under and old iron stove before he and my mother were sucked out of the house. My sister and I held on as long as we could but children had no chance against the wind.

“My sister and I became caught in the wind’s vortex and were separated.  I was in the wind’s grasp for who knows how long. Yet while I was there I thought I heard a man’s laughter but I did not know where it came from. Eventually, I saw a bearded man in green and gold robes. He had goat sack tied to his hip from which he was pulling the wind. When he saw me looking at him he used the wind to send me flying.

“I landed in the river. When I surfaced I saw the man hovering above me. He must have taken pity on me because he transformed into a dragon and flew away.”

“They never found my parent’s bodies but I found my sister on the shore. Tell me professor have you ever seen the skull of your loved one cracked open like an egg?” The images behind Bu went dark and he stood there with his eyes closed. “Professor I need your help to capture Fei Lian and other elemental gods like him.”