Chango Verses the Ants Part 1

Teo and Calder arrived at the base of the monument to find Colonel Ching and the Tuen Twins preparing for the coming of Chango. The duo took cover on the opposite side of the base of spire. Calder pulled out a round metal ball from her rucksack and placed it on the ground. She then took out a tablet, pressed a button the screen and the metal ball came to life.  The sides of the ball separated from the main body forming two wheels. A small panel slid to the side and revealed a tiny night vision camera and microphone in the center of the ball. Calder turned the camera on Teo and his image appeared on her screen. Calder then guided the little ball around the building until it reached the opposite side, where she spotted several Daedalus agents. Calder brought the little ball to stop near some potted plants. From there the two Project 40 agents had a clear view of Daedalus team.  They saw Lei wearing the black Daedalus possession suit. The circuit lines at Lei’s feet were illuminated and the light rose steadily up his calves. Teo and Calder looked at each other. “It’s begun,” said Teo. “He’s made contact.”

“Looks like these Daedalus bastards are already winning at the game possession,” said Calder.

Lie was in a deep meditative trance. A low chant emanated from his mouth. His sister Xia, waived incense around Lei using her free hand to keep the sticks from crumbling in the wind. Colonel Ching observed the ritual while a Daedalus guard fought to keep an umbrella over him.

The Colonel pulled out a set of binoculars from his leather coat. He examined the approaching clouds. Calder pulled out her own binoculars from her ruck and handed them to Teo. The professor peaked around the building and looked at the approaching storm. In the distance, giant grey clouds blanketed the sky. Lightning flashed within a cyclone at the center of the storm. The dark clouds were about half a mile a way but Teo saw Chango floating in the sky. The god’s appearance was straight out of Teo’s textbooks on the Yoruba religion, where Chango was described as a young man, with black African features.  He wore a red sarong and carried two large axes. One axe flashed with lighting while the other rattled with thunder.

The storm continued to make its way through the city of Santiago. Anything that did not bend or cede to its strength was forced out of the way. Trees were knocked down; cars rolled over; people hit the ground. “I thought hurricanes got weaker when they made land fall,” said Teo.

“They do,” said Calder. She wiped the screen on her pad with her forearm, pushed a button and atmospheric readings appeared on the screen. “That thing is registering as category 3 storm on Saffir-Simpson scale. That’s not normal. It has to be Chango. He must be fueling it.” The rain intensified and another series of lighting flashes and thunder rolls rocked the duo. “It’s show time doc,” said Calder. “Lie’s suit is already filling up with Chango’s energy. Time for us to get in the game.” Calder held out the dark ball containing Teo’s Daedalus suit. Teo starred at the figure in the dark clouds. Legend said that Chango eyes glowed with fire and his voice boomed like explosions. Teo was not sure he wanted to meet such an individual.

“What’s wrong?” asked Calder.

“Oshun called human being ant’s who interfering in the affairs of giants.”

“Ants can be powerful creatures doc. Haven’t you ever read ‘Leiningen Versus the Ants?’”

“That story didn’t turn out so well for the ants.”

“Fine then, you’re Flik from, ‘A Bug’s life.’ Those ants had a better ending.”

“Never heard of it,” said Teo.

Calder shook her head. “Let’s just say those ants had a better ending.” She continued to hold out the ball. Teo took off his soaked lucky jacket.  He rolled it up, kissed it, and laid it on the ground in front of him. He then took the ball from Calder. He let out a deep breath and placed the ball on his chest. The ball changed from solid to liquid, enveloping Teo’s body from his head to his toes. Teo heard the Daedalus suit hum with electricity as the silver circuit lines connected to one another and continue to flow to the chakra points. When the suit completed its transformation, Teo gave Calder the thumbs up.

Calder went to work.  She placed the display pad on the ground and reached in her bag for several more little round drones. Using her the remote control on her pad, she rolled each one out in a half circle to form a perimeter from where she could keep an eye out for any approaching guards. She pulled her MP5 from her back to her chest and nodded at Teo.

The professor closed his eyes. He began breathing rhythmically adding a low chant of his own. Soon he no longer felt the rain on his face or the wind on his body. The world darkened and Teo awoke in nothing. The light from his soul was dim and pale. His spiritual image was an inverse of his physical self. His brown skin and black Daedalus suit were a pale luminescence, while the circuit lines shined dark as midnight.

Teo floated through the spirit searching for Chango and Lei. He came upon two additional white lights in the distance, one large the other small. He headed in their direction. On the way, Teo saw a group of spirits swirling in the nothingness like a school of fish in the ocean. He tries to ask them for directions but they scatter before he reaches them. Teo found that odd. Spirits always gravitated towards him. Now they avoided him. He wondered if his encounter with Oshun had anything do with it.

As he got closer to the lights Teo could make out their forms. Lei’s spiritual form was similar to Teo’s.  Lei orbited the mountainous mystical form of Chango, who was a tall as an apartment building and glowed as bright as the morning sun. He possessed the muscular physique of an Olympic track sprinter. He wore a white sarong around his waist and a fiery crown in his head. In his hand were his twin battleaxes, which he used to direct the storm the way a conductor used a baton.