Agent Calder to the Rescue

In Chinese, Colonel Ching told Lei to detain Teo. Lei produced a pair of handcuffs and walked towards the professor. Teo understood what the colonel said. Thanks to the possession the previous night he had been able to absorb the Mackenzie’s ability to speak Cantonese.

As Lei stepped towards Teo, the professor stood up and flung his chair at Lei. The male twin avoided the chair but he could not avoid Teo who was right behind it. Teo landed a solid right cross to Lei’s face. He disarmed Lei with a fancy wristlock he had also gained from Agent Mackenzie. Then Teo grabbed Lei in a headlock and put the gun on his forehead. Teo spun around to face Colonel Ching and Xia.

“Out of the way, I’m getting out of here,” said Teo.

“The only place you are going is to hell,” cried the colonel.

“Ching hold your fire,” yelled Bu. The colonel was about to ignore the order when an explosion from above rocked the room. Chunks of ceiling crashed onto the colonel and he collapsed to the ground. Xia jumped under the glass desk for protection. Teo pushed Lie into a nearby wall and jumped behind a large metal trunk. There was smoke and dust everywhere.  Using the smoke as cover, Keegan Calder repelled into the room from the hole in the ceiling. She came down firing an MP5 submachine gun in the direction of the twins. Lei joined his sister at the desk and flipped it over for cover. Calder threw a flashbang grenade at the twins then yelled at Teo cover his eyes. The grenade went off. Its blinding light and loud explosion disoriented the twins. Calder used the temporary reprieve to throw a harness over Teo’s waist. She pulled him close and slapped a button on her chest. “Hold on,” she yelled as she and Teo were yanked up through the hole in the ceiling. Keegan landed on her feet on the floor above while Teo fell on his ass with a loud thud onto the floor next to a two-foot tall winch.