Chango Versus the Ants Part 3

At a furious pace, Teo and Lei drew more of Chango’s essence into themselves. As they leeched Chango’s energy, the god’s aura dimmed. Chango lashed out at the two mediums. He hurled bolts of electricity and struck them. The currents ran through Teo’s soul and made him thrash with the shock. His consciousness seared with pain and he considered cutting his connection to Chango. However, Lei’s Icarus suit was already illuminated up to his waist. Teo’s suit was only lit up to his knees. Teo feared what would happen to him and to Calder if Lei and Daedalus Corporation managed to posses Chango before Teo did.

Through his connection with Chango, Teo could see events in the physical world. He saw Calder was in trouble. She had used up her drone balls and was in a standoff with Colonel Ching and Lei’s twin sister, Xia. Backup Daedalus guards were running up the hill on the other side of the monument. Soon Calder would be under siege from all sides.

Teo wanted to warn Calder but Chango hit with another round of electricity. Both men howled with pain.  Teo sensed Chango exploring his mind. Teo tried to keep the god at bay but his attention was split between the possession and keeping track of Calder, who in order to avoid being overrun, had shot out a nearby window and jumped inside the monument.

The split in Teo’s attention allowed Chango to read the young professor’s thoughts. The god laughed. “You should go save your woman before they kill her,” said Chango.

“She’s not my woman,” cried Teo.

“Oh no, then what is this?” asked Chango.