Chango Versus the Ants Part 2

Teo arrived as Lei was siphoning off bits of Chango’s energy. The energy made Lei shine as bright as a small star in the night sky. The large god occasionally took notice of the smaller light hovering around its edge and swatted at it alike some bothersome mosquito. Yet, Lei avoided Chango’s blow and kept draining the god.

Teo approached the two beings but kept some distance from them. His own light was not as bright as the other two so they did not notice him. Teo began absorbing Chango into himself. Instantly, he felt the warm return of his connection to the universe.  Once again Teo saw and heard everything at once. He lived lifetimes in seconds and spent a lifetime in a single moment. He heard the ocean speak and the wind laugh. He felt the joy of a young bird taking flight for the first time and the agony of a leaf as it separated from its branch and landed on a cold patch ground.

Through his connection with Chango, Teo saw Calder back in the real world. She still crouched by his body’s side. Her thoughts were open to him. He sensed her struggle to focus on the mission while she pushed away desire ask to Teo to let her speak with Mac once more. She wanted to close her eyes and pretend he was there, to hold him close and kiss him. Teo also felt Calder’s dread. It was on a mission like this one, chasing this very same god that Mac had died. Teo realized Calder would rather be damned to hell a hundred times than to lose another partner. He saw her in the real world as she picked up her display pad and zoomed in with the drone’s camera on Colonel Ching and the twins. Teo sensed Calder’s burning hot anger. She held all of Daedalus responsible for Mac’s death and she wanted to them to pay.

Teo wanted to return to his body and comfort her. Yet he pushed those thoughts away. He had a job to do and it was the only thing standing between him and his old life. He trusted Calder not to give into her pain and do something that would get them both killed. Teo turned his attention back to Chango and Lie. Even in the spirit world, the young’s Asian’s Daedalus circuit lines showed his progress. They now shined brightly from his feet to his hips. Teo and began drawing more of Chango’s energy. At that moment, Lei noticed the flow of energy going from the god to Teo. The young Asian used mystical pings on Teo to try and find his location in the physical realm. Teo used some of the energy he had taken from Chango to create a magical barrier to block several of them but a few got through. Lei knew where they were.

Teo felt the young Asian send a message to his sister Xia. “We are not alone,” he said in Chinese. “The professor and agent Calder are nearby.” The colonel pulled out his QSZ-92, from his shoulder holster. He touched a communications device in his ear that looked like a hearing aid and began barking orders at his men.

“Search the area for the professor and the woman agent. Kill them both on sight.”

“Song Bu wants the doctor alive,” said Xia.

“Bu is not here. And we will not need the professor, once your brother succeeds.”

After seeing Lei’s trick, Teo decided to perform one of his own. He focused on his body and a part of his consciousness returned to it. “Calder they know we’re here.”

“No shit doctor,” whispered Calder. She dropped down on to her belly to avoid being seen.

“I’m cutting my connection to Chango. We need to get out of here,” said Teo.  

“No. Keep going. I’ll distract them. Once you have the god we can take care of all these bastards.”

Teo was about to protest but Calder already had her data pad in hand. Daedalus agentsx headed up the hill in an organized sweep using two man teams. Calder sent one of her rolling drones out to meet the first group. The grass was short but tall enough to hide the little ball until it was almost underneath the foot of the lead Daedalus men. Calder waited until the agents almost stepped on the drone before detonating it. The force of the explosion sent both men flying in the air. They fell on their backs three feet away and were knocked out cold. She sent the next drone in search of another group. She found a team taking cover on the ground several feet from where the first two men landed. Calder rolled the drone between agents and detonated it. The men were unconscious before they fell back on the ground. Calder about to send out the next drone when the shooting began.